Destination – historical heritage of bronze to late iron age – full day hike

Full day hike. Historical heritage of bronze to late iron age

Pick up at hotel at 7:30

1,5 hours ride to the point of destination – Raiskums village, vicinity of Cesis, (Riga 87 km)

Short hike to the introduction point (Green Class). The overview of the hike, tea, coffee, water.

Full day (6 hours) hike in the most natural and ancient forests of Gauja wally to discover:

  • Baltic Finn stone pile burial site – 5th century BC
  • most ancient dwelling sites along the lakeside
  • medieval border stone in the deep ice age valley
  •  “Sepultura ignotum” or Unknown grave
  • the most striking stronghold of the upper Gauja valley- Castrum Sotekele
  • picnic lunch* on Gauja river side  – tasting of fresh and newly  oven/fire baked exceptional local products
  • historical activities available (archery range, javelin games, blade run)
  • Pick up in the middle of forest and drive back to civilised world.

Hiking difficulty: medium

Approximate time in the wild: 8 h

walking shoes requested. walking sticks provided. drinking water provided. terrain – rough, environment – every type of post Ice Age Northern forest growth.

Contact information:

Tour leader: Andris Geidans, +3712 9 161 120